Tampa Photographer – Relevant Wardrobe for Photography Sessions

January 3, 2017

Tampa Photographer – Relevant Wardrobe for Photography Sessions

Dear AWP Families,

So many of you have been using and loving the studio wardrobe, that I thought it might be helpful for you to see what is available for you to wear before your session. This is not a totally complete list, there way more outfits than are not pictured, however this is a great starting point for you!

beautiful dress for portrait sessions at a Tampa photography studio

sequin dress for photography session

Since many of you can easily find casual clothes that fit and work for your body type, I decided to concentrate on dresses, skirts and clothes that are out of the ordinary and make you feel fantastic. However, there are still simple basics, gorgeous intimates and everything in between.

photography-studio-wardrobe-for-women-and-maternity-sessions_0221 photography-studio-wardrobe-for-women-and-maternity-sessions_0211

So, you may be wondering if I have anything in your size! Well, my goal is to have something for everyone, but if you are worried, you can always send me your sizing or better yet, stop by the studio, try some things on and have a cup of coffee! The dresses will fit women both pregnant or not all different cuts and silhouettes, all available for your portrait session.

photography-studio-wardrobe-for-women-and-maternity-sessions_0217 photography-studio-wardrobe-for-women-and-maternity-sessions_0212

I absolutely adore curating clothing for our sessions together. It is part of the experience you will have at Alison Winterroth Photography- so much thought and care goes into your session. From professional hair and makeup application to a one of a kind wardrobe, to a studio that is beautiful and multifaceted- perfect for photographing you.  And it’s also very important to note how important choosing Relevant Wardrobe for your Photography Sessions.

photography-studio-wardrobe-for-women-and-maternity-sessions_0218 photography-studio-wardrobe-for-women-and-maternity-sessions_0214 photography-studio-wardrobe-for-women-and-maternity-sessions_0220

I absolutely adore making you look and feel your best, and I am very excited that you are checking out the studio wardrobe and I am really looking forward to finding something that makes you fell fantastic.


photography-studio-wardrobe-for-women-and-maternity-sessions_0222 photography-studio-wardrobe-for-women-and-maternity-sessions_0223

photography-studio-wardrobe-for-women-and-maternity-sessions_0210 photography-studio-wardrobe-for-women-and-maternity-sessions_0209 photography-studio-wardrobe-for-women-and-maternity-sessions_0215 gorgeous dresses for headhshot sessions in Tampa


New clothing is added every week, and this visual guide is not at all we have, so please email me at alison@alisonwinterroth.com to set up your session.