Our ultimate goal with your session is to catch you, your child’s or your family’s essence as it is right this minute. These moments in time are so fleeting. Tomorrow they might not crouch down to pick a flower the same way or twirl their finger around their hair, they might not be quite as excited to show you their jumping skills or give you those wet open-mouthed kisses the same way. Your children will only be this small for a short while and it is so important to catch them at their most real. That means giving you an organic session that does not involve a lot of stiff posing or cheesy smiles. We love to focus on the details and the uniqueness of your family. We strive to catch real emotions, interactions and meaningful moments. We think these photographs are the best memories of our lives as they are right now.

frequently asked questions

Where should we do our underwater session?

We can have your session in the gulf- either at the beach or off your boat, the ocean, your backyard pool, or one of our amazing Florida springs. It totally depends on where your family loves to swim and play, and what your comfort is with swimming. I can help you with picking a place that reflects your family the best!


Will we be swimming the whole time? I'm not sure the children can swim that long.

We usually shoot in shallow water and we also bring some flotation devises so that we can make sure everyone is safe and comfortable. We also take lots of breaks to make sure we are photographing you at your best.


Mom with curly hair smiling at her daughter at the beach

When should I schedule a session?

We can do our session any time of the year- weather permitting. We will usually schedule two dates- one is a rain out date incase of inclement weather. Most of the time, sessions are held during May-October, but if you have a heater in your pool or are willing to swim in cooler water, we can absolutely make that happen!


How long until I see my images?


I will contact you within 2 weeks of your session to schedule your viewing & ordering consultation or your online gallery.

Do you have a photography “style”?

Great question and yes I do! I love clean images that will stand the test of time as well as crisp, bright, true to life imagery. I love natural light and using it in imagery to compliment your images.


What will our session look like?

Lifestyle sessions are an amazing way to capture your family as it is at this exact moment. They are unposed, unscripted sessions that allow me to capture your family in spontaneous laughter, loving hugs and kisses and genuine emotions. At the beginning of your session we will take a few posed portraits, then we will relax, let our hair down, and enjoy the water and each other. I will give prompts, and then let you guys have fun and connect. The possibilities are limitless and no two sessions will be the same.


Ok, that sounds amazing, what do I do next?

My pricing page can be found here. If you have more questions, you are welcome to call me at 813.35.7393 or email me at info@alisonwinterroth.com. I love to chat about how to make your photography ideas come to life. Ready to book? Click the link below to contact me directly. I look forward to learning and showing your families' story.


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