Dear Mila | Clearwater Newborn Photographer

January 14, 2014

Dear Mila,

What an absolute pleasure it was to meet you. When I met your Mommy and Daddy  I just knew you were going to be special. The way they held you and looked into your little face, I knew it was the making of a beautiful family. When I walked in, your Daddy had you laying on his chest and you could just see the adoration in his eyes. I knew I had to photograph some of the love that I could see radiating off this new family. You guys remind me why I love what I do- photographing memories and moments like when 3 people become connected forever. Your family Mila, reminds me how much I treasure this job and how excited I am so show people how beautiful their love is. It doesn’t hurt that I get to snuggle little bugs as cute as you for a couple hours either…

With my thanks,


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