Dear Jake,

I treasure my days with you. Our alone time is so special, and I am so amazed at how quickly you have grown and changed. I decided to interview you and see how you responded to my inquiries and I couldn’t help but laugh at your answers and your inability to keep still. You are much happier running, jumping and playing than leaning against a wall and answering questions (even if gummies were used as bribery), but I love the silliness you shared with me. Jake, I thought my mama heart might burst with what you said at the end. I will forever treasure this film of you and this age. I love you. So much.

With joy,


Alison Winterroth is a natural light photographer and family filmmaker in Tampa, FL serving the greater Tampa area. Contact her at or right here for session information.


I can’t believe there are no comments on this video; it’s one of the sweetest things ever. The answer to the last question made my heart melt. So beautiful!!

oh thank you so much!! He is my sweet dude!

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