Limited Edition Motherhood Sessions

March 21, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,
Mother’s day is coming up. This is your time- I always think spring is the time for mamas- this is when birds lay eggs, flowers bloom and all kinds of baby animals are born. This year I really want to celebrate mothers. You feed these babies, you rock them to sleep wipe their bottoms and love them like crazy. How about you show them how much you love them by getting in the photographs for once! I think we are all guilty about letting our insecurities about our outfits, hair and weight get in the way of being photographed.

This is your chance to be photographed with your children. To give them something tangible that shows them how much you love them. These motherhood sessions are short and sweet and will give 3 digital files and one beautiful fine art mounted print from our session. I won’t be offering anything like this again this season and I would love to photograph your love and connection to each other.

Details can be found below, but the sessions will be held on April 4 and 12 at my South Tampa Studio at 3318 West Bay To Bay Blvd. The session will last 15 minutes, where you will cuddle, kiss and love your children while I photograph those moments. The rate is a fantastic $150. Interested in this? Click this link to take you to the check out page!

Take some time for you and your children.

With love for moms,


Motherhood Mini Spring  Sessions