Dear Grayson | South Tampa Newborn Photographer

March 6, 2014

Dear Grayson,

You’re the kind of guy that likes to show up first for a party and I think it will suit you well in life. You may not have heard it yet, but there is a saying that goes “the early bird gets the worm”. I think this applies to you! You must have wanted to try out all those new gifts your mamma got from her shower really badly, cause there you were- and had a full head of hair to boot.  I loved photographing you because you kept me on my toes, and I can appreciate a good challenge. I think we had a pretty good time huh Grayson?

With lots of shhhhhhhes,


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South Tampa Newborn Photographer


These are so sweet! I love the ones in the crib!

He certainly is loved! And what a great head of hair.

He is perfect and these images are incredibly lovely. I especially like the lifestyle shots in his nursery:)

Oh Alison, how incredibly sweet!! Gorgeous work <3

What a beautiful boy! And look at all that hair!! Beautiful photo’s Alison!