Adoption Stories Wanted!

March 13, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Adoption has always been something that is really close to my heart. Raising a child in normal circumstances is hard but adopting one that maybe has not had the easiest start takes some superhuman power! When I saw what Beauty Revived was doing I immediately jumped on board.  They partnered with to bring the most inspiring adoption stories from 50 photographers across the USA. You can see the photographers on the Beauty Revived Website.

So this is where you come in. I need to find a family to give a complimentary session to that has an amazing adoption story to tell and I need your help finding them. I am accepting nominations of families, so please if you know someone who has an inspiring adoption story OR if you have one yourself, please contact me . I cannot wait to hear these stories, so don’t wait! Submissions are open until 3/27/15.

With love,


Best Newborn Photograper


My friend Kristin told me about this and asked me to share my story. First I’ll start by saying my family suffered a tragic loss a year prior to our adoption. My parents passed away 9 days apart. I will explain why this is important at the end.
We adopted our daughter Ashlyn at birth Oct 2013. We adopted her from a good friend who got pregnant. When she came to us she was 7 months pregnant and I was about 7 weeks pregnant as well. She had hidden her pregnancy for 7 long months and finally told us. The second I told my husband she was pregnant and placing the baby for adoption he said do you want to adopt her? That’s his heart! 2 months later our beautiful daughter was born and it was one of the most difficult and miraculous days of my life. Watching my friend look at our baby knowing she wouldn’t get to raise her broke my heart. On the other side that was my baby coming into the world. Five months later I gave birth to our second daughter Everly and they are the best of friends. They are obsessed with each other. It’s the most incredible thing to witness. They are practically twins being so close in age. We also have a 3 year old son who is an incredible big brother.
So the reason why I mentioned my parents passing is because one is was the most devastating time in my life and two because I lost two people so close together. Two people who were my world and just over a year later I was blessed with two more people who have completed my life. I 100% believe my parents sent these little girls to me. They are the biggest blessings.