We wanted to take a moment to share what a stock photography session is, what it includes with Alison Winterroth Photography, where your images might end up, and how you can benefit from doing one with us!

Currently, we are looking for families, newborns, and headshot portrait sessions on an ongoing basis to participate in stock photography sessions. Stock photography is where businesses purchase images from a specialized website for use in their product packaging, marketing materials, blog posts, magazines, advertising etc. The uses for stock photography are limitless! We never know where images will show up, so we are constantly surprised when we walk into a Homegoods, Costco, read a magazine, open a blog post, see a Facebook advertisement and one of our images is staring back at us! We have been featured on magazine covers, used as imagery in Goop, been on on greeting cards, used for product packaging and even been used one of the cute families you see in a picture frame!

To participate, you will sign a model release for everyone in your family that is in the photographs and we will work together to come up with a plan to create a beautiful session for you to remember! After the session, we edit the best from our time together, usually 30-40 images and as a thank you for participating, you will receive those images in high resolution to download for free (a $1000 value). We do not know where/what companies purchase the images, however there is a sensitive use clause with Stocksy (the company I work with) and I personally feel safe enough to put my own children on their website! You can see Stocksy’s license agreement policy here.

Interested? You can see our image gallery with Stocksy here. If you want to move forward, use the contact button below, we would love to work with you!