Tampa Newborn Mini Film – Camden

October 1, 2016

Tampa Newborn Mini Film – Camden

Dear Sweet Camden,

You are so loved.  I hope that you know that when you breathed your first breath, that your sweet mama and daddy’s lives really came alive.  Time stopped and one of the most important things in their lives was placed ever so gently in her arms.  I hope that when you grow up, that you will get to experience this love for yourself.  It is like none other, cannot compare and the purest of love we will ever experience.  I am so happy for your family, and even for you.




About This Newborn Mini Film

I hope everyone is doing well this week and I can’t believe this one is almost already over!  I decided to share a Tampa Newborn mini film today.  I just love these mini films because you cannot replace pictures with a video and vice versa.  Those sweet little moments when baby is first here that get left unnoticed due to the extreme exhaustion we face, those sweet little sounds, the surreal moments that feel like a dream, that really are a dream.  Those moments are captured so perfectly with these mini films that I offer.



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