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January 27, 2016

Dear Jessica,

You know how some families seem to seamlessly go from one child to two, keep the perfect house and still cook the perfect meals? Well, I am so glad you guys (or myself for that matter) are not one of those families. I mean, that can get pretty boring right? What would we do if our toddlers were not dancing to the “Watch Me” song or licking their sibling’s face? Then to see how you and Brett just laugh and joke I can tell you are just holding on- ready for a wild ride.

Jessica, you have such a great sense of humor about the insanity that is early childhood and I am so happy and honored that I got the chance to show you how beautiful it all is. When I look at your images Jessica, they tell such a great story- they have even told my families story and I am so excited to be able to do the same for you. The ability to take a step back, breathe and see how those giggles, those messes, those dizzying dogs can be breathtakingly gorgeous.

Thanks for your trust and your openness. Thanks for helping me realize how wonderful these moments are.

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Alison Winterroth is a natural light family, newborn and maternity photographer and videographer in the Tampa area.


Alison, I found myself smiling throughout the entire video. I absolutely LOVE the way you captured the beautiful chaos of their day!!! Love SO much!!! 🙂

Thank you so much!! I love this one too 🙂 Thanks for watching 🙂

this is beautiful! i love that you traveled with them & got Starbucks + the beach. so so awesome

Thanks Denecia!! I pretty much love this family 🙂