Dear Callie,

Well my little friend, you were definitely worth the trip across the country in the middle of an Indiana winter and only you could convince this photographer to brave the cold. This Tampa, FL girl likes to stay put when the north gets frozen but those squishy baby cheeks came calling for me. Your mama is one of my very best friends and when I knew you were coming, I just I had to introduce myself.  You know what Callie girl? I had a blast, not only photographing you but seeing your family again. I know you are in good hands and I can’t wait to see you again. Don’t grow too fast!

With frozen fingers,


collage of newborn baby on a white blanketbaby laying on a gray blanket making a funny face2014-03-06_0003Mom and dad holding baby in front of a white wall.newborn baby hands and feet photographsnew born baby wearing a light pink bonnet

Tampa Baby Photographer

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