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June 1, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Have you heard of this farm in Brooksville  called Sweetfields Farm? In spring they have an amazing sunflower field, with you pick berries and vegetables and if you are lucky enough to have found this hidden gem you would understand what a unique place it is! We went for Mother’s Day this year- just like we have for the last 3 Mother’s Days and had a blast.

First my husband snapped a few photographs of me with my babies.

 Sweetfield Farms Brooksville

They had a new addition this year. Beehives!! I can’t wait to see if they start selling honey!

I also love all the fresh greens, squash and of course- flowers that we brought home. Beehive, vegetables and other food at Sweetfield Farms.

Image of sweetifeilds farm handpainted sign.

Photograph of three kids in a chalkborad room.
We played with chalk.
Chalkboard room.
Elise is learning to write her name, so of course we practiced that a ton.
Boy against a chalkboard wall.
I made somebody pose for the camera…
sunflower with the sunflare in the background.
And we wound our way through the maze! It was tricky, but we found our way!
Two kids going through a sunflower mazeTwo kids going through a sunflower maze at sweetfields farm.

We had an amazing time, and if you are interested in going to Sweetfields Farms they are open in the spring and fall. It is an incredible place to show your children a little slice of country life.

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