Go Local | Pearl In The Grove

September 24, 2013

I have been thinking for a while how to get more involved in my community and promote so many businesses that I frequent in my day to day life. I am a small business owner and I grew up in a family that has always had their own businesses. I believe in supporting local and so I have decided to create this blog series to highlight area businesses. These are places with charm and are fun and interesting. I hope you will enjoy learning more about these places and hopefully seek out some new places to visit!

Pearl in the Grove is a restaurant in Dade City in the middle of kumquat groves. They source local ingredients and serve family style dinners, lunches and brunches.  They are unique and a great place to relax. Did I mention that our dinner was delicious? We asked for seconds and almost had thirds. We went reallllly early for a Sunday dinner with my family and my mother. We had the kiddos, and we didn’t want to be disruptive to other diners. It was quiet and absolutely perfect! I hope you will check out this amazing restaurant!


You can find Pearl In The Grove here. I hope you enjoy your visit!


Thanks for the kind words and support. The photos are beautiful!

Thank you for having my unruly brood! They (and we) love the experience! We will be back!