We are on our third outtake of our Christmas card around here. I have been hating all of my photos lately and the noncooperation of this family is incredible. I mean, in one photo I actually caught Jake mid spit up (I’ll spare you that one). All were either grainy, overexposed or just blurry. I am still not totally happy with the final one we chose, but I was darn tired of taking photos. That is why I made a commitment to myself in 2013 to educate myself more on taking perfect (or as close as possible) photographs. I don’t want to forget these moments and what my cuties looked like. 
The best of our first shoot. Overexposed! I was shooting with a remote at the fussiest time of day for these kids, so really if I had done a better job of getting my settings right, this would be our Christmas photo! 
Second try: Elise looks good but Jake is so blurry! Wah- lets try again!
My third and final shoot was of them laying down. I thought that might be better because then Jake would be more comfortable. Well he was….
and I caught this gem. It cracks me up every time I see it. I thought she was exaggerating but then I saw the clump of hair he managed to pull out. Oops.  Anyway, the one I chose is still pretty grainy, but I am pretty happy with it. I hope it looks ok printed. 
Here is the one I used. Not perfect, but it kinda describes our life right now. Exhausting and fuzzy yet fun. What is your favorite favorite Christmas photo?