Poor Jacob. His room is still not finished. I am such a bad mommy. I had it all decked out for Sophie and then our little miracle arrived. With the stress and exhaustion that comes from a newborn and 2 year old, I just never got it together. Well, I am changing that right now!
I have been obsessed with string art lately, and I decided to make an initial for Jake’s room. Here is what I came up with!

I purchased a  wood canvas from Michael’s Crafts and taped a printed “J” to the front. I used Pacifico font.

I hammered tiny nails around the J and then removed the paper and tape from inside the nails. 

I then taped one end to the wood board and wound embroidery floss around the perimeter of the nails. Once I had an outline, I filled in the J by winding the floss around the nails haphazardly. I ended the floss where I began and tied it in a knot.

Next, I cut and tore strips of paper to line the top of the canvas and glued the ends on the back side. 

 Since the nails came through the back of the wood canvas, I wanted to cover them up. all I did was cut a piece of cardstock scrapbooking paper a little smaller than my wood and then cut a rectangle where I would hang the piece. I glued the paper to the back and had an easy way to hide my unsightly back.
There you go! An easy decor idea for any room!