I feel like I say this every month, but Jacob is really coming into his own! We have more and more fun every day and he is just becoming is own little person. It shouldn’t surprise me as much as this since he is my second child, but obviously I think it is pretty amazing how at this age they can be so different!

After a little time spent working on his fine motor skills (grabbing, pinching and pulling), he is back to flipping immediately when placed on his back. This makes for some interesting napping positions in his crib. 

Oh, he loves those tootsies and I love seeing him grab them. 

A completely happy guy. Loves his sister!

One thing that is so different between my two kids is how Jacob always has to be grabbing, tapping, kicking moving at all times. He wants to hold our drinking glasses, hold his bottle, hold my hair. Elise was much less physical as a baby.

We have started calling him “my little buggaboo”, even Elise likes to chant it. I’m sure he will love it later if it sticks…
Having fun…