Favorite Photoshoot Dress Ideas For Mom

As a photographer I have photographed thousands of women and all that anyone wants for their photography session is to feel good about themselves. Over time I created a client closet so the women could “shop” outfits that would be perfect for their session! Here I have compiled a set of great outfits/dresses that will photograph beautifully, are easy to wear and will coordinate with your family. My goal is to dress the woman first and everyone else is easy to dress. You will see that a lot of the dresses are neutral or soft colors. I think patterns are great, but try to use one pattern for every three people. Below are my favorites! (you can click the image to take you to the dress or the links are listed below the image).

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A collage of dressed perfect for a maternity photo session

Maternity Photoshoot Dresses

1. This gauzy neutral dress on Amazon is so feminine and pretty 2. This soft pink dress on Amazon is so feminine 3. This light blue dress from Amazon has stretch in the chest and room for a belly 4. This light blue one shows some leg and has some great texture. 5. This soft and feminine dress from Amazon is made for a maternity photo shoot 6. This pink dress from Abercrombie is a great shade. 7. The FP white dress is cut to accommodate a baby belly 8. This soft green dress on Amazon is pretty for an indoor session with neutral tones 9. This floral by FP is gorgeous in person and flowy for baby bumps 10. Love this creamy neutral dress from Amazon that would work well inside or out 11. This soft floral dress is perfect for post maternity as well.

a collage of neutral dresses that are flattering and look good photographed

Neutral Photoshoot Dresses

1. This FP lace midi has aback that needs a photo moment 2. This neutral crochet dress at Jcrew is a perfect modern option 3. This eyelet maxi from Abercrombie will fit all types of bodies. 4. This white with black trim H&M dress in a fine knit is super modern 5. H&M did really well with this white bodycon knit dress 6. This Sezane silver knit dress is begging for a glam photoshoot 7. This is not a dress, but couldn’t resist this modern white jumpsuit by Abercrombie 8. This tank dress with bubble skirt by Jcrew needs a moment. 9. This neutral metallic dress by FP is a modern take on neutrals and not too shiny for your session 10. This neckline by Show Me Your MuMu is special! 11. This light grey Amazon dress is romantic and easy to wear

Floral dresses in a collage that work well at a photoshoot

Floral Photoshoot Dresses

1.  This soft floral dress on Amazon is just a touch of feminine print 2. This floral print is a bit outside the box, but I love it 3. The perfect romantic dress for a baby or newborn session 4. Floral doesn’t mean lots of color and this dress is a nice neutral one 5. This floral smocked dress on Amazon is romantic and flattering 6. This Golden Hour maxi from FP always wins at a photo session 7. This light blue floral dress has a motherhood or newborn session written all over it 8. This babydoll floral dress is super romantic 9. Love the floral pattern here- definitely a unique dress 10. Sezane is the master of floral prints and this one is a vibe 11. Flattering fit, great price, win-win for this H&M dress

A collage of colorful dresses perfect for a modern photoshoot

Colorful Photoshoot Dresses

1. This blue midi from FP is dreamy 2. This green Sezane dress is beyond beautiful 3. I can photograph this FP Golden Hour dress a million times and it still is beautiful! 4. This is a sorry not sorry for this dressy FP number 5. This gold Show Me Your MuMu dress is a showstopper 6. This pink dress from FP has a skirt that will twirl beautifully in a session 7. Love this midi from FP in bright green 8. Its bright and it’s cute- this H&M dress has character and definitely needs a wearer with a tan 9. This colorful floral dress from Amazon is perfect for an urban OR indoor shoot. 10. This FP dress is in a color that looks good on lots of skin tones 11.  This tangerine colored dress from Sezane is flowy and flattering to all body types- wear it for a modern styled session

Five dresses that would look good in a photoshoot