Dear Becksley,

We meet again old friend! I feel lucky that I got to photograph you as a 3 month old baby but can I just say that you are probably cuter now than you were then? You have those big blue eyes and that killer smile, and then when you rolled on your bear and gave me that sweet look my heart just melted. You are definitely the cutest baby this side of the Mason Dixon Line. Becksley- you just let me know when you want to play again- maybe when you are talking? I’ll bet you are going to have some awesome things to say.

Until then sweet girl,


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Lutz, FL Family Photography


Thank you so much for capturing our girl’s sweetness! We cannot wait to book our next session with you!

Much love,
The Z’s and Becksley 🙂

Thank you so much Allison! You have a gorgeous family!

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