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December 27, 2013

Dear Sequoia,

You are a ball of energy and pure fun. I don’t know if you know this, but your momma and I were pure fun together ourselves back in the day. Actually, it has been said that you are just like your mom with some of your daddy mixed in. You see, when your mom asked me to take some photographs when you two were in town I was so excited. I just knew you would be my kind of model. Easy going and a little wild. What kind of photographs did you want? Well, the only requirement was that you wanted to be in a tree. I had some heart palpitations at that one Sequoia, I am not used to 4 year old kids being such good climbers although you sure showed me! You remind me a lot of my own little one- in fact, you two had a ball playing all day the day before, we just wish you all lived a little closer. Anyway- back to the point at hand, when we got to the open field in Tampa, I was so excited. We had very pretty light Sequoia and you and your mom worked it! Our time together was very short, but man we took some beautiful photographs.  You are a model in the making, well I don’t know how your mom feels about that one, but you definitely have big things ahead of you. Big things.

Until next time,


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