Baby Grey | Lutz Newborn Photography Session

South Tampa Baby Portrait Session

Dear Newborn Grey,

Wellllll, it was NO surprise that you came into my Lutz photography studio with such awesome hair- your mama is an amazing hair and makeup artist in Tampa and so I just knew your locks were going to be special. I mean when you come from greatness, it is pretty much a guarantee right? Anyway, you showed up, (looking awesome) and proceeded to have one of my favorite sessions! First of all you were a great sleeper- always a benefit at a newborn session, but when you were awake you were as happy as a clam (which is also a benefit at a newborn session). Plus, your mama brought this elephant that she wants to photograph you with month to month and right when you laid right beside it you gave a monster PERFECT yawn. It could not have been better timed or any cuter. You even rocked your family portraits- Grey you had a pretty rad newborn session!

Thanks for the perfect yawn,



a natural and simple newborn session with a baby on a cream blanket asleep See what I mean about sleeping well? This guy was a total doll- sleepy and sweet! We laid him on a white blanket and he did all the heavy lifting (and by lifting I mean he slept like a champ). a collage of a baby being held by his father and yawning on a bed
I love how sweet your mama and daddy look while holding you Baby Grey. Look how they smile- I see a mixture of love and pride there. Pretty amazing right?a sweet newborn baby on a neutral blanket and being held by his parents

There it is- the epic yawn. I love that you yawned a ton because it is such a great face to make. I can tell already you are going to be an expressive little one. Thanks for coming to see me!


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