7 months young | wesley chapel family photographer

April 11, 2013

So this is a little late, as Jake is actually now 8 months old (man where has the time gone?). But at 7 months, he got his first tooth, started sitting up and pulling up all in the same week. It was crazy and he was a cranky mess. His poor little brain must have been so overwhelmed. I can say that this was the first month where Jake and Elise began to become friends. She started doing things to make him laugh and then they would crack up together. It was the cutest and most amazing thing. It has really become fun to be their parents. I am in such love with where our little family is at and am just so excited to see where things go. I think this all the time, but we are so lucky. Our kids are happy and healthy, we have family that we love and that loves us, our kids see their Grandparents on a regular basis and I love my husband more every day. Does it get better than that?

Life is good.