We have been tied up with a new little mouse in our house. Jacob Almon joined our family on 8/6/12 at 11:45pm, narrowly making his due date (Elise Marie was also born on her due date). I’m told only 4 percent of babies are born on their predicted birthday, so that is one thing that makes him (and her) pretty special.  Either that or we are the most punctual family ever! The other thing that makes this little boy special is that for the last 4 months or so, we were planning for a Sophie Ann! Imagine our surprise when we realized we had a little boy!
Jacob came rather quickly, much, much quicker than Elise. By the time we put Elise to bed at 8 pm I had given up on another due date baby. I had been having contractions, but nothing we timed and obviously we were able to complete normal tasks. Shortly after they got a little more intense and by 9 pm my water had broken. I told Brad to go lay down at 9:30 after we had packed up the car, I expected it to be a long night. By 10 pm I was shaking him awake and telling him to call the midwife and my mom come watch Elise.  We jumped in the car as my Mom arrived- well Brad jumped and I slowly walked and then we made the longest drive of my life. We got to the birthing center at 10:45 and our little mouse was born by 11:45! We made it just in time.
Now here comes the craziest part of all- he was born and immediately laid on my chest and covered with blankets. In all the hoopla and intensity of the birth nobody even noticed that she was a he. We cooed and all said how beautiful she was and for about 15 minutes we had a baby girl. Then we went to take the blankets off and there was a collective gasp- Sophie was now Jacob. We already had a first name picked out from before the first ultrasound but when we found out we had a girl, never bothered picking a middle. Jacob was my grandfathers name and Almon was Brad’s grandfathers name so it was perfect, but it took us about a day to fully determine his name. When we told our family everyone thought we had either been lying the whole pregnancy (not to mention decorating a nursery) or they had no idea we were talking about our baby and were trying to figure out who had a baby named Jacob. To be fair it was about 3 am when we sent the message, so we gave them some leeway.  By 5 am we were home and sleeping in our own beds. Elise never even knew we left. 
I blogged about decorating Sophie’s room here and here so now I need some new projects for Jacob and I need to figure out what I am going to do with her projects I made (does anyone want a “Dream Big Sophie” picture?). I am still so in shock about she being a he, I don’t really know when I will get over it.
Caring for two babies has been tough and I won’t say I haven’t shed some tears along the way. But we are so blessed and excited to have a healthy boy to even out the estrogen in this house. I can’t wait to see who this little guy becomes, the ride sure is going to be fun!

You have a beautiful baby! What a joy!

Thank you! We are so happy to have him!

Wow! What a surprising story! I have a cousin with a daughter named Sophie. I’ll send her your link and have her let you know if she’s interested.

Thanks Abbey and thanks for stopping by! I think we are still in shock!

I would have been surprised too. But glad you got a little boy to even things out, lol.

Yes, two boys two girls- hopefully we never have to vote on anything!

Wow, what a huge surprise! Congratulations!

Thanks! We are so excited!