6 Great Books To Inspire Creativity When You Are In A Rut

January 10, 2024

stack of colorful creative books about creativty

We have all been there- you have a huge project and you cannot get motivated, or you have just been feeling creatively depleted and uninspired. When this happens there are a few tricks, one of which is to read a creative book on something that is different than the genre that you are “stuck” on. This helps free your mind to try something new and your subconscious will often continue to work on the project in the background until suddenly there is a jolt of inspiration. Here we have compiled a mix of books that can really help in these times of creative rut and we hope that they inspire you as well!

In no particular order other than size and color of their covers, here are the books- we will go into more detail and share some images of their interiors below:

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  1. Palette Perfect– has beautiful imagery and just seeing the color combinations can help me move forward.
  2. The SketchBook Challenge– nothing like a good mindless doodle for nothing else other than to clear your mind.
  3. Accidentally Wes Anderson– there is so much color and inspiration in this amazing book- the colors alone are amazing.
  4. The Flower Recipe Book– learning to mix flowers with their textures, colors and shapes makes it so easy to bust the creative blues
  5. Craft The Rainbow– Fun crafts in pretty colors from the crafting queen herself. Need I say more?
  6. The Art of Anthropologie– Anthro knows I am not the only one who LOVES their store windows. There is nothing better than a book full of badass creatives making cool things.

You will see me post about Palette Perfect Vol 2 a TON because this book can be used for everything. The author also has another book (Palette Perfect Vol 1) that is great as well. She has different color designs for different seasons and moods and her palettes always give inspiration when you are stuck in a project and can’t decide what colors to choose. She also includes inspiration images as well and it is such a well thought out book. Definitely has a spot on the shelf.

The SketchBook Challenge is full of sweetness and charm, you complete pages using the prompts Molly provides- add a pattern here, draw clothing there, it all culminates in a soothing Zen-like exercise. You can let you mind mind wander as you complete it and you can use whatever supplies you have on hand- alcohol markers, pencils, pens, highlighters, whatever.

If you are not following AWA on Instagram yet- you should be. Second best and in a tangible form is this Accidentally Wes Anderson book full of colorful imagery that dares you to dream about visiting them all. All the images are taken from places that look like they fell out of (you guessed it) a Wes Anderson movie. Nothing like some eye candy to break the spell of creative block.

The Flower Recipe Book is an easy way to look like a real life Profesh florist- ha not really, but it does give you a good place to start and a great way to feel creative while still having a guide of what to do with all those flowers.

Brittany Jepsen of The House That Lars Built is a phenom herself. When she created a crafting book, I was all in. Craft The Rainbow is full of gorgeous but not too cutesy crafts that you could easily spend some time making and distracting yourself with. This will clear up the creative blues stat.

Last but not least is The Art of Anthropologie. This book covers all of their storefront designs and in store displays since the beginning and although it isn’t a how-to book, it is definitely full of inspiration. Plus you can see all the crazy cool ideas that their artists have come up with and hopefully spur some ideas of your own.

If you go through ALL of those books and you still don’t have a good solution- take a walk, work out or take a nap. All of those can give your brain a must needed boost of electricity! Good luck, I hope you have found some of this hopeful!