I want to remember how you smell in the morning, the way you put your shoes on and shout “I did it”, the way you look up at me from bed in the morning and say “good morning Mommy”, how when you want to do something without our help you say “I dood it”. I don’t ever want to forget how your hair gets frizzed up in the back, how you break into song at random moments- recently it was “Mr. bluebird on my shoulder” but usually it’s “now I know my ABC’s next time wont you sing with me”, how you say “tickle back” when you want us to rub your back and how you crack up when we do silly things.
I want to remember how you say “Ama & Ampa”, how you love to swim in the pool and what a big girl you are at your swim lessons. I never want to forget how much you love to read and how much you love to chat.  How you love to hug and kiss and the way you run to us when you want one or the other.
Most of all I want to remember how blessed we are to have you in our life, how fleeting these moments are and how absolutely special you are. You made us a family and we love you more than anything.
You are 20 months old and I don’t want to forget a thing…