Fresh Aria | Tampa Newborn Baby Videos

January 2, 2016

Dear Aria,

You came in a quiet little mouse to your newborn session and left the same way. I couldn’t believe how sweet and beautiful you were. We were able to play with your mama’s wedding Sari and you looked so adorable nestled down in it. Aria, I made this film for your family so they could always remember how tiny you were. How your hair stuck up in places. When you made those heaving breaths that change so quickly to even breathing. Those long eyelashes and that flaky newborn skin. They are so perfect and unique and fleeting. I hope one day you get to see how tiny you were and how those jerky arm movements became fluid and grabbed exactly what you wanted them to grab before you even knew it. It happens Aria, and it happens quickly. Your parents will wake up and wonder where their newborn went, and then where their baby went and then where that toddler disappeared to and where this big kindergartner came from. Just keep asking to see the film, and they will remember.

Thanks for being a doll and I can’t wait to see how you grow.

With affection,


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Sweet Baby Aria's First Days from Alison Winterroth on Vimeo.