A Letter To My Children

July 22, 2013

 My dear sweet girl,

You are so amazing and beautiful. I can’t believe every day that you came from your Daddy and I. You taught us how to be parents and you taught us what it means to love unconditionally. You are so vibrant and full of life and I can’t believe how verbal you are and how much we can reason with you. You are funny and so darn smart. I love to sound out words with you: j-j-Jacob, J! You have started reading words and it completely bowls me over. I mean, is a 2 1/2 year old supposed to be this smart? Also: can I just say you are hilarious? You come up with the funniest things that we have never heard you say before. When did you become your own little person?

I can’t wait to see how you surprise us next.

Jacob, my little surprise blessing.

You are so energetic and crazy. You are just starting to talk and your first real word is “ball”. Well it sounds more like “ba”, but then you furiously look for your ball. You throw incredibly well and I can’t believe how amazing you are. You are getting close to walking, but you can really motor when you crawl.  You love to watch your sister run and you guys are really starting to play so well together. I can imagine the future and you will be playing so well together.  You are so laid back and just perfect. I am so happy we have you and am just so excited for the future. I love you bug.